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Charge Referecens

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Charge Referecens
1. Usual Service Charge:
1.1)call out fee: $100 (cover the first 30 minutes)
1.2)then, the hourly rate: $80
2. Electrical service prices from real customers
2.1)Lighting Replacement and Powerpoint Moving
Job details: Replacement of 2 wall lights and 2 ceiling lights, replacement of 1 ceiling light with ceiling fan, removal of 1 outdoor light, and moving of power point
2.2)Rangehood Replacement
Job details: Replacement of old non-ducted rangehood with canopy ducted rangehood
Other details: Rangehood provided by customer, but duct and outlet provided by the business
2.3)Speaker Installation
Job details: Installation and wiring of 2 outdoor speakers; labour only
3.Cost of common electrical jobs
Electrical TaskTypical Quoted Prices
3.1)Install down light$35 (plus call out fee)
3.2)Fix power point$60 (plus call out fee)
3.3)Replace light switch $95 (plus call out fee)
3.4)Fault finding$100 (plus call out fee)
3.5)Fix damaged cable$120 (plus call out fee)
3.6)Repair metre box$250 (plus call out fee)