Anzstar Electrical & Security

Electrical Installations & Services

Electrical Installations & Services

Residential, Commercial, Industrial

ANZSTAR provides electrical services (general industrial and commercial installations, Security Systems, industrial controls and maintenance) that will maximise productivity and minimise downtime while providing a level of responsiveness to client needs that is courteous, consistent and safe.


Our service range covers:

Electrical Installations (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)

Emergency Services

Security Systems

Floodlighting/LED Lights

Heat,Light & Fan/3 in 1

Smart Wiring Systems

Scheduled maintenance programs

These services are successfully provided to our customers including:

Manufacturing Industry,Factories,Warehousing,Offices,Centre Managements,Retail Complexes,Office Complexes,Medical Centres,



Our service will always be on budget, meet the highest quality standards and be of the best possible value to clients.